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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ethics Module for Students - Case #1

Louis is taking his first online course on instructional design. He has a background in Chemistry and is currently a teacher at a local high school. During his course, he is required to read a book and participate in asynchronous discussions. He has worked hard to participate as much as possible and tries to incorporate some humor into his posts. Many posts were generated as a result of his joke. Of note is the course's lack of a specific Code of Conduct for online communication. The instructor, as a result, had to generate “on-the-fly” regulations for the posts.

Louis has decided to keep away from the posts and participate as little as possible. However, the instructor is grading the students according to the number of posts the students includes per week. Louis have sent a private email to the instructor justifying his decision because of the lack of a Code of Conduct for the class. Consider the following questions and post your answers to this discussion thread:

Do you think a Code of Conduct must be explicitly included in the Syllabus of an online course?

Do you think Louis' argument to avoid participation is valid? Why or why not?

In online courses, the student is responsible for his own learning. How can you, as an instructor, motivate students when a situation like this arises?

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