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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ethics Module for Designers/Developers - Case #1

Consider the following scenario and post your answers to the questions in this discussion thread.

Kim Matel, an instructional designer at a small corporation, was asked by her boss John, to design a training module based on his friend’s dissertation research on human resource data. Although the information is not proven and potentially incorrect, John feels it would give validity to his friend’s research could be of “benefit” to the company’s employees. If the information is proven as incorrect, the result could be adverse to employees. To sweeten the pot, John has offered Kim a $1000 bonus if she completes the module to spec within the timeframe.

Should Kim agree to create the module even though she knows the information has not been proven?

Will any laws be broken?

Can you determine any other problems with this practice?

Would Kim be honest and demonstrate the appropriate integrity if she complied?

Would Kim be dedicated to the service of others if she agreed?

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