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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ethics Module for Instructors - Case #2

Consider the following scenario and post your answers to the questions in this discussion thread.

Gifted Barrier

A bright and gifted student in an online class finishes his deliverable projects early. Genuinely wanting to learn as much as he can from his esteemed instructor, the student requests extra assignments, projects, and/or materials and guidance to further his educational experience. His online instructor tells him to “relax and enjoy the time off due to early completion! After all, so many of your classmates feel overworked as it is; you should feel lucky to have earned some downtime!”

What is the ethical issue in this scenario?

What ethical points from the module are relevant to this scenario?

Has the instructor attempted to address special needs, characteristics, and situations in this class?

Has the instructor been conscientious about availing her presence?

Has the instructor clearly outlined goals and objectives for the class?

Has the instructor demonstrated academic expertise in the content being provided?

Has the instructor demonstrated fairness and openness in evaluative techniques?

Has the instructor expressed guidelines for proper communication and collaboration?

Has the instructor exuded an air of openness to questions, comments, and feedback?

Has the instructor promoted an atmosphere of cross-cultural nurture and acceptance for all students?

Has the instructor seemed cognizant of the ethical principles outlined in the NEA Code?

What can the teacher do to support an ethical outcome?

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