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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ethics Module for Instructors - Case #3

Consider the following scenario and post your answers to the questions in this discussion thread.

Embarrassing Correction

An online student, in a college course about collaboration, has a hard time adjusting to the pace and sudden demands by team members in a setting that is relatively new to her. Inevitably, she confronts and posts less-than-professional, discordant remarks on the discussion board, directed at other students whose critiques were somewhat austere. The online instructor of the course, immediately resolute to stop the animosity in its tracks, decisively and publicly posts a harsh reprimand (directed unambiguously by name at the offending student) on the discussion board for the student (and everyone else) to see.

What is the ethical issue (re the instructor) in this scenario?

What ethical points from the module are relevant to this scenario?

Has the instructor attempted to address special needs, characteristics, and situations in this class?

Has the instructor been conscientious about availing her presence?

Has the instructor been consistent in her application of rules and guidelines in the course syllabus?

Has the instructor demonstrated fairness and openness in evaluative techniques?

Has the instructor expressed guidelines for proper communication and collaboration?

Has the instructor promoted an atmosphere of cross-cultural nurture and acceptance for all students?

Has the instructor provided clear rubrics, criteria, and expectations that must be met to succeed?

Has the instructor provided full disclosure of materials and resources for evaluation?

Has the instructor provided modeled and scaffolded examples for complex themes and practices?

Has the instructor seemed cognizant of the ethical principles outlined in the NEA Code?

What can the teacher do to support an ethical outcome?

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